Danny And Geri

– Daniel … – Bruce! Come on. I saw him going the distance, his words really touched me to the deepest of my heart, now if I hate not only broke his heart to Taylor, but the person he loved, note how sad it is was Danny, I hate in the deepest of my heart, I just wanted ami back home with my mom and my brothers. I went to my department when I pull in my reach bed and began to mourn, and wanted nothing, he would not go to dinner, did not want to see Danny in the face. The phone rang. – Also? – Camila you’re going to put for the night? – I’m not going geri. – Why? That happened cami? – Nothing, nothing. – Please listen to yourself? – I will not go, period.

Not speak of the rest, Geri.- I hung up. I had no mood to talk. They spent a 15 minutes since the Geri had called me and showed up at my door, I did tell him that happened and I was forced to, he said that despite the fight could not stand up to others and he was right so I got a very nice blue dress and we went there. The truth was not very comfortable because it was not used to walking in a dress, and was very nervous, did not want to come and meet the eyes of Danny. When we were all sitting on a giant turntable. – Hi guys! – Camila, Geri! Arrived, sit – Harry told us, Danny was there sitting next to Olivia, I looked, and Olivia either, was very rude. – And as I was the recording? – Okay, will air soon .- Doug told me that had been installed next to Geri.

– Good! – I said and smiled at them. – I think Danny will go to the bathroom and I said at the same time, most uncomfortable moment. – Emmm “Danny looked at me and went to the bathroom, I followed him. He was going a few steps later, I forward to stand beside him but did not see it, we were next to each other until we got to the bathroom and everyone was on their side. When entering the bathroom I could not stop thinking about it, in how I look, are the eyes that radiated I look sad, I could not continue with this so I decided to talk with him, until … suddenly the alarm sounded fires, at first I thought it was nothing until a guy started shouting that they vacate, to leave the building, there really scared me, suddenly I thought Danny was in the bathroom, I had to see if it was okay. I ran to see the men’s room when I saw that Danny was coming out of the bath running worried, clash with, I fell over of the, me staring. “These well thank God,” she said stroking the head relieved and kissing my forehead.