Day Of The Poetry

Day of the Poetry In day 14 of March, the Day of the Poetry, a homage is commemorated Castro Alves, poet of the Third Generation of the Romantismo that if consecrated with epteto of Poet of the Slaves, this for fighting against the slavery and writing on the soul of the black. I castrate Alves was born in day 14 of March of 1847. The poetry constitutes a known literal sort and studied, however it comes being damaged for that they think to be poets and they launch books without the lesser literary care. The result of this is that it has some adventurers depreciating the quality of the Brazilian poetry, that so rich and is so well represented by Drummond, Flag, Gregorio de Matos, lvares de Azevedo, Murilo Mendes, Augustus of the Angels, Ceclia Meireles, Chico Buarque, Vincius de Moraes, Coralline Cora, Pablo Leminsk, Alice Ruiz and as much other craftsmen of the word. The poetical text is an exercise to sensitivity, the critical one and the creativity, therefore it more needs to be valued by the readers and the public power, which has the duty to stimulate cultural development, and the poem in verse and in chats very can help in the process of formation of the citizenship. With this reverence to the poetry, I receive, for my delight, written unknown of the Poet Ronald. That satisfaction to see the true poetry, worked, to sprout in cariaciquense soil in the modern, critical verse form, without mooring cables formalists, but with cultural, literary and politicosocial enrollment, questioning, filosofando, creating, ironizando and producing quality art.

In the poetry of Ronald, the poem does not have evolutiva interpretation intellect, vomits garbage cultural, rejects ins pirao, looks our culture, denies definitive concepts, values the experience redesigned of not, remembers to concerns on the table infarta, criticizes the hand that fondles the power, provokes ruptures in the streets, ironiza the patriot that does not want to die, shows the silly one and the wolf in the passage of each esquina, questions in plantation of the fear in large states, donates and inexhaustible a green, writes the fire heading, of the one trace in the spaces blank, eats the northeast map, apunhala the soul, sees the History of Brazil in the novel of the eight, suspira for all the sides, vomits the freedom in Central Plateaus, laughs at all fools in its throne, takes ice cream with James Joice, leaves the gymnasium nothing engagement, manifest the pessonico thought, arrives at the stars, inscribes immortal the dead one in the paper tower, emanates of the people last article, explains the mildew of the words that flies of the dusty bookshelves, cries the public reverse speed with the king in the belly, manipulates the cardpio day to day in the CAP & such of artificial silence in sleepy colors, analyzes the context of the thought, files storms and hides stubborn box to the same verse wait in itself twisted. It is with this poetical vigor that Ronald writes using surprising metaphors, personificaes, verses in cascade, creative, critical comparisons forceful, modernista latent sensitivity, prxis e, mainly, creative and libertarian courage. Poet Ronald, debtor for the chance to read its writings at the beginning of the month where if it commemorates the Day of the Poetry. I wait, desire, with anxiety, that its verses are transformed into book and can make to sprout poetical ideas in the fertile land of Cariacica, city that needs literary seasoning to blossom beautiful culturally strong e. Jean Carlos Neris de Paula.