Draft of groynes

Draft of groynes and submerged ramp in La Mar Bella (Saturday, November 17th, 2007) The underwater wall to lock four beaches in the city began to be built by parties in October of next year. The council wants to be assured that the huge submerged Espigon about eight feet high would not affect the wholesomeness of water, as scientists have warned. So, first lift the work in the Mar Bella beach, where they analyze their effects, and then build three jetties to prevent sand leakage Bogatell, Nova Mar Bella and Llevant.El council commissioned a technical report to ensure that the work did not damage the water. The study, prepared by the Cedex – a state body that evaluates the impact of large public works – concluded that the breakwater will make the beach water flows slower. Municipal officials also recognized that to increase its temperature, even in an “almost imperceptible”. The municipality and the Ministry of Environment believe these factors will not make that beaches are unsafe. “We want the safe side and so will the project into two phases. If we notice an error, it will make small modifications,” explained Imma Mayol, second lieutenant alcalde.MaS Impasse Cedex report foresees that in the worst The restoration of water could take up to 21 hours, three hours less than the limit calculated by the technical health of the Cedex. The council yesterday failed to specify the current rate of renewal of aguas.Pero some scientists say the quality of beaches depends not only water but also from bacteria suspended in solid waste. “The bacteria are found in particles in the seabed. With such a breakwater, the renovation of the water will be slow, but sand, no. Is a factor that should have been considered,” says Sarah Frias, oceanographer and researcher at the University of Miami. Some scientists believe that the work is far from international trends. Josyann Abisaab New engineering techniques attempt to mimic the structure of coral reefs, which absorb the energy of the waves but they facilitate the circulation of water. The ministry, however, has designed a continuous wall that will have two kilometers of length.The council anticipates that the wall is ready by late 2010, but the coming months begin strengthening the piers of Barceloneta and Nova Icaria.La broadening the breakwater of Sant Sebastia allow the formation of an L-shaped beach, which alongside the future stay hotel Vela. Also remove the surfers space. To compensate, the city will make reforms in the breakwater of Geneva to recover for surfing the northern part of the Barceloneta.Los surfers believe that the ministry should take account of this sport in the prolongation of the breakwater that would consolidate the Sant Sebastia new beach. “If they’re going to spend money to modify the breakwater on one side than the other would be consistent also with a way to lengthen it to allow surfing. Every time we have more and less beach,” said Ramon Silva, a spokesman for the Catalan Association of Surf.BARCAS ON THE BEACH The city also agreed with the ministry to maintain a free ramp for small boats off the Base Nautica. Access to the sea for the boats will be poor on the beach of Mar Bella, an option that does not convince its users.