Dreams and Art

"Dreams – it's the beginnings of the future. We see in a dream that must come true. " Bailey. The Bible, like other religious books, historical and sacred, finds traces of a strong belief in dreams. Plato, Goethe, Shakespeare and Napoleon attributed to certain dreams prophetic value. The theory used in the book to interpret dreams Gustavus Hindman Miller, and simple, and rational. Using it, you'll be surprised at how many predictions came true in your waking life. There are three types of dreams, namely: 1.

Subjective – contains elements of caution, however, its true meaning is hidden in the form of symbols or allegories. 2. Physical dreams to a greater or lesser degree deserve attention. They are usually generated by the anxious waking consciousness and, therefore, have no prophetic significance (dreams caused by drugs, fever, hypnosis or resulting in a light slumber.) 3. Spiritual sleep is always deeply prophetic, especially when leaving a vivid impression in the mind.