Prof. Wilson Denculi Department of Agricultural Engineering Federal University of Viosa With the knowledge of the logarithms concept or with the use of electronic calculators, the extration of the square shaped root or the cubical root or the root of index any, of any number, is very easy. It is enough to press some keyboard keys of the calculator so that the reply it appears quickly and with the desired precision. But, and the extration of these roots without the use of the calculators? The study of the subject it allowed to arrive at an expression that favors the extration of an index root any, of any number, with the desired approach. The argued method to follow is sufficiently simple, even so a little laborious, but it excuses the use of the electronic calculators. The first number of the root is gotten as if it usually makes, that is: extracting the nth root of nth the first numbers of consolidating separate by means of points of n the n, as the index of the root.