ENRIQUE BUNBURY – Hellville DE LUXE (2008)

We are many followers of one of the most important singers and founders rock bearing the Spanish and we can scream their lungs will be in Lima. After being ignored in their tours past and have had thwarted rumors of his arrival, vocalist and founder of Heroes del Silencio is finally getting into a scenario in Lima, as dictated by their official website .The date scheduled for the many fans of the band and the Spanish singer to unleash their emotions is Thursday 22 October. Tour Hellville 2008-2009 is the name of this tour also passed through Peru, also land in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Enrique Bunbury is one of the most renowned of Spanish rock. With great respect and admiration earned over the years, Bunbury has a great legacy recruit followers and Peru is no exception. Known as the former leader of H roes del Silencio, it took out of this typecasting as with any member of a band such a success. However, album after album the singer has been Iberian pursue a solo career that has already managed to edit five albums.Currently, he is ready to take a sixth production in November this year, but comes to our shores with the tour of the album “Hellville de Luxe.” In this regard, I leave this sensational analysis by Juan Puchades EME EFE magazine in 2008, before the album release that brings on this tour .. . There is much anticipation to discover what the new album by Enrique Bunbury. Expectation of being the first full solo album since 2004 and the first after the dissolution of Hurricane Ambulante, his former band. Surprising to know what will be recorded after the reunion with Heroes del Silencio. Surprising to know what will come out of the new collaboration with his old producer Phil Manzanera.