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Essentially, because it is linked to certain strains of human papillomavirus (HPV, the acronym in English) that could develop cancer and therefore deaths. At the same time, because two vaccines were developed that promise to curb the spread of HPV. Since the intention of making visible the gynecological problem and the need to sell the vaccine, has generated an aggressive dispute related to various aspects: long-term efficacy and safety of the vaccine marketing campaigns in the industry pharmaceuticals are generating panic and misleading (the campaign LALCEC December 2008, Araceli Gonzalez and his daughter Florence as referring to “mother worried about cervical cancer, who cares for her daughter and makes vaccinate”), the institutions that enjoy respect among people and, as HPV, are questioned (LALCEC or the Nobel Prize), and women often frightened and without economic possibilities of finding solutions in the vaccine promoted. These issues are addressed Marcos Peluffo last Friday in his dissertation on “Interpretation and objections of the viral theory of uterine cervical cancer” when the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UNC was honored as Distinguished Visitor “for lifetime achievement and contributions to the cytopathology . Nobel questioned. On the subject on who spoke, Peluffo says that “the only thing new about the viral theory of uterine cancer is that, in December 2008, The Times published a story that put into question the integrity of the selection committee Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to the driver of such a theory. ” The London newspaper spread that two people who were interfering in the election process as Harald Zur Hausen Nobel laureate have strong ties to the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, precisely, that “very lucrative developed two vaccines. Peluffo, who is a consultant in the Clinical Hospital Cytopathology UBA and Chief of Gynecologic Pathology and Cytology and Breast Surgery Institute of Callao (Buenos Aires), said that “the issue of the HPV vaccine is not relevant, because HPV is the most common viral infection of the lower genital tract and spontaneously resolves in the vast majority of cases. ” However, it believes that “the problem arises because the commercial marketing of the drug-industry promotes a vaccine ‘against cancer’, which is a false and dishonest to instill panic in the population and increase sales.” Peluffo local cites as an example “the spectacular marketing campaign panic last year sponsored LALCEC to vaccinate against HPV and who paid the f rmacoindustria, transmitting a message terrifying false.”The posters placed on the public highway, where LALCEC appeared as a sender of the message, saw Araceli Gonzalez and his daughter Florencia Torrente as spokesmen, while reading in large letters: “6 women die each day in Argentina cancer cervix.