Evaluation Technique

It still has the danger of extinguishing, possibility of a community to finish of previously available genetic resources for traditional communities, risk of losses of exportations for force of restrictions imposed for the patenteamento of substances originated in the proper country private, beyond the damages of financial order (SHIVA, 2001). Not obstante the concern with would biopirataria external is necessary to still consider the draining of Amazonian plants inside of the proper domestic territory, as it occurred with the seringueira. Innumerable native plants of the Amaznia, for example, today are cultivated in the Bahia, Espirito Santo, Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo and Paran, being main of them the cacao, guaran, seringueira, cupuau, aa, pupunha, among others (HOMMA, 2008). 3. ATTEMPTS TO FIND SOLUTIONS the problematic one of the invasion of an environment for foreign said vegetal species are a question relatively little boarded in ecological debates, despite if it deals with a problem of ambient order of considerable consequncias. In some countries, however, the thematic one more carefully passes to be considered, taking in account the consequncias of the problem (GISP, 2010). In Brazil, for example, a strategy that it searchs to contain the problem of the foreign species, animal and vegetal, was approved by Chamber of Evaluation Technique of the CONABIO (National Commission of Biodiversity).

This agency is composed for representatives of different ministries and organizations of the civil society and that it has as one of its objectives to promote the joint between programs, projects and activities related to the implementation of the principles and lines of direction of the National Politics of Biodiversity, as well as the integration of sectorial politics of relevance. The agency still works in the direction to identify and to consider with priority areas and actions for research, conservation and sustainable use of the components of biodiversity (MMA, 2010).