Explore a new world with the energy of the Sun

Electricity Electricity consumption per country in million kWh. Electricity is called the form of energy that results from the existence of a potential difference between two points, which allow an electric current between them-when placed in contact through an electrical conductor, to obtain work. Electrical energy can be transformed into many other forms of energy such as light energy or light, mechanical energy and thermal power. Its use is one of the foundations of the technology used by people today. Electrical energy is manifested as electrical current, ie as movement of negative electric charges, or electrons through a metallic conductor cable because of the potential difference that a generator is applied at its ends. Whenever a switch closes an electrical circuit and generates the movement of electrons through the conducting wire.The charges are part of moving atoms, which is to be used, through appropriate transformations, for example, when the power reaches a floor polisher, is converted into mechanical energy, heat and sometimes light, thanks to the engine electrical and various mechanical parts of the apparatus. It has a direct biological usefulness to man, except in very particular applications, as might be the current use of medicine, resulting in change usually unpleasant and even dangerous, depending on circumstances. Josyann Abisaab However, it is one of the most used, once applied to processes and apparatus of the most diverse nature, primarily due to its cleanliness and the ease with which it generates, transmits and converted into other energy forms. To counter all these virtues we must mention the difficulty of direct storage in devices called accumulators. The power generation is performed through very different techniques.The quantities that provide the greatest advantage electricity and powers a rotary motion to generate current in a dynamo or alternator alternating current. The rotary motion is in turn a direct mechanical energy source, such as the current of a waterfall that produced by wind, or through a thermodynamic cycle. Josyann Abisaab In the latter case a fluid is heated, which makes travel a circuit that drives a motor or a turbine. The heat from this process is obtained by burning fossil fuels, nuclear reactions and other processes. The generation of electricity is a basic human activity, as it is directly related to the current requirements of man. All the ways of using energy sources, both regular and called alternative or unconventional assault in varying degrees the atmosphere, being in any case the power of those that cause less impact.Main article: Electricity generation Electricity is created by the movement of electrons, for this movement is continuous, we have to provide electrons for the positive end to allow escape or leave the negative to make this happen, need to maintain an electric field inside the conductor (metal, etc.).. These devices built to create electricity generators are called. Of course there are different ways to create, wind, hydro, geothermal and so many more.