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Family Medicine Family physician performs a kind of practice of medicine that has a clear doctrinal body, bounded by a body of knowledge, skills and attitudes. While their family doctors can perform the job training in various fields of work (emergency services and emergency units, techniques, etc.). Their natural behavior is most frequent primary care. Josyann Abisaab 5 The family medicine is medical discipline that is responsible for maintaining health in all aspects, analyzing and studying the human body globally ( holistic theory of practice). 6 definition is a horizontal Specialty 7 in amplitude predominance sharing clinical knowledge and skills from other specialties and integrates the biomedical, behavioral and social (biopsychosocial or Comprehensive), 8 capable of solving the 90 ’95 of health problems, 9 to provide continuous and comprehensive care the individual, family and community that incorporates all ages, gender, or disease systems (wide field), with particular emphasis on Humanistic Medicine, the doctor ‘Patient – Family, Educational aspects, clinical preventive, the Integrative Medicine, and Medical Cost ‘Effective. Profile of the family doctor is the doctor of first contact with clinical excellence and skill in manual or office procedures (minor surgery or invasive procedures), expert in the outpatient department, ongoing care, indoor, community, home of the elderly, hospital and emergency, in addition to population groups with and without risk factors, with a wide field of action (all ages, genders, organ systems and diseases), able to go the individual, family and community, inclusive of the biological sciences, behavioral and social (Integrative Medicine), also the educational, preventive, curative and rehabilitative (Integrative Medicine), advocate and attorney for the patient 10 (Manager of health resources) with extensive leadership, knowing the national situation, the impact of their actions and their limitations, interested in understanding the context of the problems and plausible solutions and cost-effective (Medical Cost ‘Effective) capable of resolving 95 of problems (from signs and symptoms isolated to the complexities arising from multiple ailments), expert in the doctor-patient-family-community, committed to the person (including their illnesses, emotions, hopes) Humanistic Medicine with high professional , technicians, researchers and academic continuously updated. 11 Primary Health Care (PHC) and Family Medicine are areas that are closely related and the APS is the key action area of the family doctor, while Family Medicine is the tool key to the full development of the APS.