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Practical examples show the process simplification and time savings, combined with PrintoLUX : a German automotive supplier ca. 50 000 required cable signs for a project. These were produced using engraving technique at home. The staff responsible for this managed 800 pieces per day, so well three months for the required number. With two PrintoLUX today over 6,000 signs can basic systems on the day of manufacture. After eight days, 50,000 plates are ready for use. Due to the shorter working time saves the company at an hourly rate of 35 more than 15,000 euros on a single project. The investment in the PrintoLUX systems was paid already after the first usage.

Contributes to the flexibility of the labelling process of also, that content changes/corrections are included up to the last minute without this twice to produce and to take the Committee into buying. Finally PrintoLUX mounts directly on site can be used which often proves an also time – and cost-saving option. The suppliers of the large German automotive companies PrintoLUX has made a name in a short time there is a large intersection at suppliers who also work for Audi and Daimler/smart and BMW. Most of these companies is the name PrintoLUX”in a short time to a term become, as they experience the benefits of this young marking procedure compared to conventional methods and achieve significant savings through the simplification of the process associated with the use of PrintoLUX. Compared to the classical engraving, a much higher number can produced with PrintoLUX in the mail merge per day. Thus making the signs can be closer to date place and any changes that arise during this period, can already First position of the indicator be taken into account. Users can take the system to the Assembly and locally make changes/additions in the short term.