Folklore Children

Folklore Children of five years on, acquired habits and recreational and sporting traditions peculiar to the region and to strengthen the school as a mechanism for collective learning distraction and significant in some key areas such as gross motor development Fine, counting objects and elementary practice of physical skills for growth and body development. Males on the other hand shared the spin game, the cusp, net with marbles (glass beads), the “boxes” net game with soda bottle caps, “cock” game “Matahambre” or kills beans and hunger that is to say the street runs to the wheel (wheel rims), in teams or individual competition and of course for teenagers and young people the traditional play street football and cycling, just remember these.The village had a sport known for tradition, today is not socially or legally accepted, hunting of animals, extinct by ecology, kids, tweens and older, with the traditional “charampa” or rubber or shotgun. Groups were organized in amateur or neighborhood and went back to work on Saturdays between the mountain of Burrera and watery. The current situation has completely changed by the scarcity of these animals, changed habits, our character and left forever, leaving only the memory and ecological culture prevails everywhere to save the flora and fauna in danger of extinction. Separate story deserves amateur sport or amateur partner, especially what is football and basketball, before the first all-male and female second.The reference above indicates that the village is home to two cultural and sports organizations as the Society were Ramon Celestino Ortiz, to promote the creation of the Botafogo team, which identified the old town in his uniform shirt was black and white striped shirt, vertical, the black shorts The new town and to sponsor the club Red Star, whose uniform entirely white with red overtones in the sleeves. These teams gave life and vitality to people in lots of class meetings in 1960 and following the special atmosphere of the festivities of the patron saint San Nicholas de Tolentino and were worthy rivals of equipment from other municipalities. It disappeared for 70 years these teams because many of its members migrated to other parts of Colombia and Nari o or withdrawn by the passage of age leading to new generations are born names on our environment and highlight the equipment Guaitara Andino , who followed the tradition of his predecessors with the same local identity and the same sporting rivalry.By this time both sides were hired coaches and instructors manual or regulation, which gave improved category and competitive relations between the two teams went humanizing and rationalizing the practice of sports, the lives of these teams was the first and lasting shooting the second. The importance of these generations lies in the implementation in each club’s women’s basketball team Botafogo and Andino. For the same decade, the club Deportivo born Bolivar and other teams like the College who contributed in some way to improving the local recreational activity.