Grandma’s Nursing Tricks For Beautiful Nails

Well-groomed and healthy nails are a sign of health and attractiveness. Not just stars and celebrities but also the woman next door wants with beautiful hands and manicured nails, drawing attention to themselves. Finally, nails tell us a lot about a person and therefore need regular care. That this is not automatically associated with costs, demonstrated by numerous tips from grandma’s bag of tricks. A neat appearance begins with the hands, many people are aware of the problem: The nails are brittle, bumpy, or have cracks. These features may reflect their own state of mind or even signs of a serious illness. In most cases, however, it is merely a lack of care. Nails are often dry and tear: The causes for brittle and cracked nails are usually harmless. Through daily interaction with water and chemicals from the Budget, it is possible that the nails are brittle. Help here, if youOlive oil in the nail plate and cuticle massage. Thus, the nail is not only smoother, but it will also boost its growth. This home remedy, however, has only a temporary effect. At no improvement occurs, the nail quality, should be given to a dermatologist for the rate at which clarify a possible other cause of fragility. Please make sure, however, the application of a groove filler, as this dries the nails even more! Grandma’s tips If you want to save the expensive gear for a manicure, why not simply return to the resort, which offers the local cuisine of aids. With Grandma’s beauty tips to bring your nails quickly and with little money back to a shine. Josyann Abisaab Many smokers know the problem of yellow fingernails. Rub your hands in the morning and evening with a piece of lemon – this makes the most persistent nicotine patches eradicated them. Vaseline provides new luster to colorless nails. Simply rub the nails every night to shine and new isguaranteed. Do not cut your nails too short. Since the nail is a natural protection for the nail bed, he should always cover the entire nail bed. Brittle nails harden again when they are massaged with lemon juice or oil. Through the application of nail polish, the nails do not break off so easily. The active ingredients of nettle and silica in turn lead to a strengthening of the nails. Morning and evening, depending on one tablespoon of nettle leaves with a cup of water to the boil and let stand for five minutes, then strain and dissolve 1 to 2 tablets of silica in it. The positive effect of Horsetail is well known. Dip your hands before a manicure with a warm hand bath, because the nails are soft, do not splinter and are easier to polish to the desired shape. Filing your nails from each edge to the middle, because they do not break off so easily. An attempt is worth it and you will see – Grandma’s tips are not at all yesterday.