Guerrilla Girls

The Guerrilla Girls were a group of feminist artists. The group was born in New York in 1984 and is named for use guerrilla tactics to promote the presence of women in art. His first job was putting up posters in the streets of New York to report the gender and racial imbalance of the artists represented in galleries and museums. Over the years, expanded their activism to Hollywood and the film industry, popular culture, gender stereotypes and corruption in the art world.
The original group members always wore a gorilla mask and occasional network re miniskirts and stockings. They commented that no one in their environment (or families or peers, or husbands) knew his identity, with the exception, they said ironically, of their hairdressers. And the truth is that, besides his mysterious identity is unknown how many people formed their group. Anyway, the Guerrilla Girls were imitations and American partners in France and also in England.
The Guerrilla Girls began a unique combination of text and graphic content faster than presents feminist perspectives with brazen humor and fun. As a result, many people who originally do not agree with the positions of the Guerrilla Girls are led by their hook funny, reflect, and often change their way of thinking. Guerrilla Girls to rehabilitate the word with “f” (feminism) so that people who believe in feminist ideas (equal opportunities, to gender discrimination, equal access to education, education about reproductive rights and human rights for women) again to call themselves “feminist”.
Currently, the Guerilla Girls no longer exist in its original format. Today, there are three groups who call and proclaim as their successors. One of them plays and travels across the United States to denounce the lack of roles for actresses in both film and theater. The other two are visual arts groups and also denounce the marginalization of women in art.
Critics have dubbed the Guerrilla Girls of hypocrites and use of social activism for pure propaganda purposes. According to their detractors, but the purpose of the bells of the Guerrilla Girls to attract attention outside the art made by women, its real purpose served in the most privileged class and class artist. They were also blamed for ignoring women artists who have misogyny, patriarchy or prison in other parts of the world, focusing only on its own entry into the art market. For that reason, the Guerilla Girls today put more emphasis on promoting global campaign against violence against women, racial equality, war or police dictatorships.