Health, diet and

Health, diet and sexuality Seventh-day Adventists present a health message that recommends vegetarianism and is expected withdrawal of pork, blood, crustaceans and other foods proscribed as “unclean animals” in Leviticus 11, the Like snuff abstinence from alcohol and other drugs. Many Adventists abstain from such foods as the desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle in addition to progress and listen to what the law (considering the first five books of the Bible as the Act), especially Leviticus says. The pioneers of Seventh-day Adventist Church had much to do with the acceptance of breakfast cereals in Western society. John Harvey Kellogg (in principle Adventist, then a renegade from the faith citation needed ) for its world-famous cereal company “Kellogg” was one of the founders of the book Seventh-day Adventist Seventh-day Adventists held in operating a large number of hospitals and other health-related institutions.The cover story of the November 2005 issue of National Geographic Magazine and CNN recognized AC360, led by Anderson Cooper, are about the longevity of Adventists, 8 to 10 years more than non-Adventists. Along with the natives of Okinawa and Sardinia, Adventists are people who are living in the world, a feature that is allocated to health practices and the weekly Sabbath as a de-stressor. The official position of the Adventists with on abortion is that abortions for reasons of birth control, sex selection, or other conveniences are not approved. According to an official statement of the General Association of Seventh Day Adventists,. Seventh Day Adventists do not perform gay marriages. Moreover, a homosexual relationship is one of the circumstances in which divorce is allowed.Adventist Medical Cadet Corps The Adventist Medical Cadet Corps is an organization based on the beliefs and doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the beginning, the purpose was to train people to the area of medicine in the United States Armed Forces of America, but after the 1970s, has been working for the community by helping in disasters and rescues. This organization provides spiritual growth of its members, taking the opportunity and the privilege of forming bodies (groups), that way as soldiers of Christ are enrolled in the work of saving souls from the ruins of sin. Job Corps of Cadets. – Develop knowledge on modern concepts and emergency medical aid (basic and advanced first aid), CPR, water rescue and survival, rescue and preventive health care among others.- Physical training is geared towards developing and conditioning optimal physical, keeping a balance between the physical and mental through the existing training program. – Joins other groups and similar entities or the same purposes without losing its identity and its principles. Offers its expertise to other persons or entities upon request.