Herbert Marcuse

Posted by ninjagrr
Jan 19 2013

School of Frankfurt is the name given to the German group of thinkers of the Institute of Social Research of Frankfurt, appeared in the decade of 1920. Amongst its main representatives, we can detach Walter Benjamin, Herbert Marcuse, Jurgem Habermas, Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer. Of particular form, the objective is mainly lingers in the thought developed for these two last philosophers. Certainly it has great differences between these authors in the thought form. However, a common point can be identified: the concern to study the most diverse aspects of the social life, composing a critical theory of the society as a whole. Leaving of the marxist theory, the studies had been concentrated in the analysis of the mass society. Such definition looks for to characterize the society contemporary, in which the technological advance appropriate and is placed the service of the capitalist logic, pautando itself in the consumption and the diversion as forms to guarantee the dilution of social problems. Thus, in accordance with Horkheimer and Adorno, the iluminismo, that looked to the emancipation of the individuals and the progress of the society, caused the cooling in the dynamics of social domination, now pautada in the development technological-industrial.

For Horkheimer, the problem was in the reason controller and instrument. By the way, for the two thinkers, the iluminismo stimulated the sprouting of this dynamics. Moreover everything, Horkheimer and Adorno denounce the desencantamento of the world, the disfigurement of the individual consciences and the assimilation of the individuals to the dominant social system. In other words, they denounce the death of the critical reason. As he is proper of the thought contemporary, the philosophers of the School of Frankfurt left to be transparent a pessimism in relation to the transformation possibility. This if guideline mainly in the absence of revolutionary conscience, generated for the alienation promoted for the cultural industry.

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