His work as

His work as a nurse in Ippy In 1928, the French manager of Fort-Sibut F lix bou Laird asked him to open his mission station among the people in the middle band of Ubangi-Shari, in the town of Ippy in the Region of Ouaka. The French wanted the Laird would help them gain the confidence of the band in this region where diamonds and gold had just discovered and began to be exploited. Thus the Laird Ippy where Margaret went to work as a nurse until 1964. In Ippy in August 1931, Margaret gave birth to her third son, Clifford. The medical clinic that she helped create in Ippy become a major medical center in the entire region. He described his life as a missionary in the RCA in a book entitled They Called Me Mama (1975).Margaret also met during his stay in Central African Ippy personalities, such as Maurice Dejean, that would be the first foreign minister in the history of the Central African Republic, and Gabriel Poun, would become deputy of the National Assembly.