Holidays At The Baltic Sea Holiday

It attracts millions of tourists every year to vacation on the Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The Baltic Sea is popular with both young and old, not least because of the beautiful white beaches and healthy air. But not only that swim in the sea or relax at the Baltic Sea beach is high in the favor of tourists. Very happy to be searched on the beaches after the legendary gold of the Baltic Sea. As such, the most golden amber, a fossil resin from completely natural product is known. Amber is already over 250 million years and can be found all over the world. Amber is the oldest gem, which is also popularly used as works of art. The world’s most common occurrences are found in the Baltic Sea, and especially in the Baltic Sea beaches of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Poland and the beaches of the Baltic republics. The best known and greatest work of art made of amber is the Amber Room, which in 1716 the Tsar Peter the Great by the German king Frederick William I was given. The Amber Room has been lost World War II and wasFaithfully copied in 2003. Also the history of the Amber Room has helped make the Baltic Sea holiday-makers are constantly on the hunt for amber. With beautiful and relaxing walks on holiday at the beach most of the attention directed toward the ground. Although Bernstein often happens, he is still very difficult to discover. After long walks on the Baltic Sea beach and strenuous searching, you can be in the accommodation in an apartment also usually available on the terrace, the spoils of the day, spread out and look. Between the many shells and perhaps the alluvial find one or another small object then and now and again a piece of amber. Most of these pieces are but rather a beautiful reminder of a successful holiday Baltic Sea as a valuable gem. But it has been worth the trouble.