Home years 1950 to 1960

Within the social sphere was brewing in the world following the emergence of artists like Bill Haley, Elvis Presley and the likes of James Dean, Mexico was also influenced by a cultural movement in which youth expressed their rebellion to the social and fashion patterns imposed by adults. In that sense, the growing need to have their own identity in society young side at that time to find an image with which they could identify (different attire and, above all, music that was commensurate with their fears and anxieties become a common element) The American influence was thus inevitable, given the geographical proximity of the United States with Mexico. The musical tastes of the time ranged from traditional ranchera music to boleros, through tropical music, therefore, the youth was limited to those genres. Upon learning of a cultural movement arises the beginning of this trend in Mexico.Initially, the influence was evident in classical artists such as Gloria Rios, Agustin Lara, Pedro Vargas and Pablo Beltran Ruiz, but immediately began to emerge improvised artists on the one hand, and another true youth groups wishing to venture into the “new musical genre and not only that, but also aspiring to achieve notability and fame through playing “covers” of English music they liked.