Hotel Amsterdam

Amsterdam has something that characterizes him above all things, its channels. The city boasts an extensive network of canals that run through it and at the same time serve as a way of transit. This is one of the reasons why Amsterdam is also known as the Venice of the North. Indeed, this is one of the activities that you must do if you visit the city. There are many services that carry out tours through the canals of Amsterdam, even can rent a boat personnel if your intention is to go it alone. First of all, don’t forget to book a Hotel Amsterdam if you intend to stay several days. Few people know it, but Amsterdam is a city with a rich cultural presence. Numerous museums and art galleries are located throughout the city.

However, there are three museums you should know anyway. The Rijksmuseum is considered to be the National Museum of the Netherlands and has a wide collection of paintings by the Dutch masters, including Rembrandt. The Van Gogh Museum is a place dedicated to this great Dutch painter and owns the largest collection of his masterpieces. Another Museum that also worth a visit is the Stedelijk Museum of modern art. As this area is very visited by tourists, can find an Amsterdam Hotel where to stay. Visit the traditional windmills is another activity that you should perform.

Currently the majority of these are exclusively equipped to receive visitors. Amsterdam is a small city but offers a myriad of attractions for visitors of all ages. He knows the Dutch culture and book a Hotel Amsterdam. Fun in Amsterdam never stops. One of the most frequented places for this purpose is the Leidseplein or Leidse square in Dutch. Here you will find several fun alternatives such as bars and theatres. Have a pleasant stay in an Amsterdam Hotel. Visit hotelsnl to find more amsterda hoteis.