Immanuel Wallerstein

In case of not understanding ideological, political, mediatic and military analyses that Noam Chomsky, Immanuel Wallerstein, Jean Petras and Robert Fisk of EE.UU. do, because there it is the cinematography of Hollywood so that we understand through drama and the action all the splendor and the decay of a country governed by the most luminous democracy on the face of the Earth. Transformation-Hollywood-The Hurt Locker is a same piece of a same everything in the pacifism, the publicity and the war of a country and its culture forged in the dream of the wealth materialized by means of the invasion, the occupation and the operation from corporal colonialism to mental neocolonialism, and if the wellesiano Rosebud and the coppolaniano Horror prevail, it is because they have always existed a virtual transformation and a real soldier fighting in the dirty work of old and new treaties of a Democracy that starts off and distributes to the world to blood and fire. It is well, Obama, he is not guerrerista, she is pacifist, not so repressed neither jailed nor assassinated like Martin Luther King. To broaden your perception, visit Jorge Perez. We say that it is the charismatic and dilemma Transformation in The Hurt Locker in the middle of a potentiality-sylvan one and of reality-desert of the North American government who goes beyond the limits of the unilateralidad and a otherness in which a war is always the rational ideal of all logistic pacifist in the men of good will in the Earth. The Transformation, Hollywood and The Hurt Locker do not entertain in minucias border and migratory, they who are the triunvirato of the potentiality, the publicity and the reality, go to where and when they want to do it, and when it treats in being themselves and becoming the great entretenedor with the industry of the spectacle, the fulgor of the mind is the ardor of the body with the studied one and sobreacting will of that is offered to the sacrifice to save to the humanity in the name of the freedom, justice, the equality, the brotherhood and the democracy, draining everything to its passage in road movie of helicopters, tanks and pumps with the standard of the eagle that, is not the Nazi sustica, of pax American. If the North American cinematography is exception than includes and excludes in the drama that is in himself the action of the kinetic power and the images in a voracious, inciting and fagocitadora subordination of ethical values, sociocultural morals and, one can reach the unfortunate conclusion that Hollywood is the place where the actors, the users and the ups and downs are a series of worthy activities of one or all the Oscar for approval of the globalised public and the benefit of a cause that justify cinematographic and humanly like the luminous prodigy of Camera and Action. Original author and source of the article..