IMPSA IMPSA is a global company dedicated to producing solutions for power generation from renewable resources, ports and processes of different industries. IMPSA has over one hundred years. Since its inception in 1907, experienced a steady growth to become what is today: a company committed to its clients, which creates high-value solutions, socially responsible to the communities in which they work, with serious environmental awareness and dedication to long-term research and development of sustainable technologies. Today the company has a portfolio of electricity generation from renewable resources in execution of over 6,000 MW of installed capacity and more than 2,000 MMUSD.IMPSA has a global sales network with offices located in: – Argentina, full operations – Brazil, full operations – Chile – Ecuador – Colombia – Venezuela – USA – Malaysia, full operations – China – India – Vietnam Through its effectiveness in of adding value, the company has a guaranteed path for their installed hundreds of projects worldwide.