In the planning stages

Mission Vision Analysis of the environment and future scenarios Internal analysis of the organization (SWOT) Definition of goals and targets POSITION ANALYSIS Internal analysis of the company. Micro business environment. Suppliers: These are an important link of the delivery system of value of the company to customers. Provide the resources the company needs to produce goods and services. It is vitally important relationship with suppliers that depend on aspects such as quality of supply, to know the prices of our key inputs, optimal time of delivery and financing , etc.. Marketing intermediaries: They help the company to promote, sell and distribute their products to final buyers. Includes dealers, companies distributing physical , marketing service agencies, and financial intermediaries. Clients: markets are divided into consumer , industrial markets, retailers, markets government and international markets. Consumer Markets are formed by individuals and households who buy goods and services for consumer personal . The industrial markets buy goods and services for further processing or for use in their production process. The reseller market goods and services purchased for resale and making a profit. Markets of government purchase goods and services to produce public services or to transfer them to others in need. International Markets includes the above types of buyers but in other countries. Competitors: A company must provide greater value and satisfaction to its customers, therefore it is not enough to adapt to the needs of the target, but be better than others. Public: A public is any group that has an interest or potential in the ability of an organization to achieve its goals, or has an impact on it. Macro business environment. The elements of the macro environment shape opportunities and create dangers for the company. The main macro forces are demographic environment, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural. Demographic environment. It is of great interest to marketers because it includes people and they in turn are the markets. Economic environment. It consists of factors that affect the power of buying and spending patterns of consumers. Natural environment. It covers natural resources that marketers need as inputs. It is necessary to the prudent use of renewable and nonrenewable resources. Technological environment.It is perhaps the force that most dramatically shaped our world. The technology has produced wonders such as antibiotics and organ transplants, has released such horrors as the weapons nuclear weapons, and such useful items as cars, cards of credit , computers , etc.