Individual Figure Cut Bags Make Impression

Brochures, logo pens and printed post-its: Each supermarket have sold veteran boring advertising bags, which are printed with the logo of the respective chain. Square, practical and commonplace and therefore fall on anyone anymore. So-called character cut pockets, which can be customized individually are much promotional. They are so alone a Catcher because they deviate from the usual rectangular shape and have, for example, the shape of a product or logo. Also, they stand out by unusual prints and handles. Figure cut bags are especially asked fairs appealing to fashion and to depict the company concept.

Thus, the Pocket serves the interested parties not only as a practical carrying aid, but also as effective reminder. If we are even at trade fairs, visitors actually face our cabinets and photograph our products”, so Diana Kroll, Managing Director of Kargar packaging GmbH. popular motifs are about the Bags that were cut for a Munich-based car dealership in the form of small automobiles or the model that has the shape of an engine. Also a well known producer of cheese can be for its customers and prospects regularly something new come up. The company ordered it bags in the round shape of a cheese loaf at Karanja or let another bag in the form of a suitcase customize and print with Dutch country stickers.

Also an Asian Embassy ordered round bags with an individual, colourful print. But not only when choosing forms, in relation to the design of the handle, a lot is possible. For example, a world-famous brand of cosmetics on the Bavarian packaging specialists is turned with a particularly unusual request. The company wanted a feather BOA as Henkel,”so Kroll. A wish that was fulfilled. “” Also the advertising a car producer in this respect waiting with a special feature: the punched out O “lettering WOW” the grip hole for the promotional bag is at the same time. A gimmick, which probably stands each in the eye and remains in memory. This can be achieved with the help of a clever idea. Because on a trade show with some important is hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors who are exposed to a large sensory overload, as to impress exhibiting at first glance. While the twentieth logo pens at home often carelessly thrown away, the shapely figure cut pockets wake even associations of the visited State and the presented products even after the fair visit. At the same time, they are mnemonic and practical utensil. Applies to: ever more unusual design for the bag, the more sustainable the advertising effectiveness. Our customers often come to with very specific ideas on us. Send us a design and we look at how we can implement this. Normally we always find a way”, so Kroll. With more than 40 years experience in the back, the family-owned company in Neuried near Munich, knows whether with offset, flexo, screen, low – or even transfer printing should be developed which handle carry much weight and how the bags need to be glued. So, an economical and high-quality solution can be found depending on the customer’s requirement.