Individual III Technical Campus. Arrigorriaga. Junio2.009.

Posted by ninjagrr
Apr 29 2010

RECORD OF PARTICIPATION! Presentation Time 2. Since last Wednesday on 22 June, a total of 85 players divided into two shifts, have been working on this issue with 10 coaches this year are bringing a touch of quality on our campus. The different clubs this year have sent representaci nde players are: Padura, Virtus Araberri (Vitoria), Berrio-Otxoa, Marist Bilbao, Unamuno, Ibaizabal, Urdaneta and Lluis de Gracia (Catalunya). Born the “Elite Group” With players of the first line. ELITEGAZTEA. Group 1. Places are limited. Top. From left to right: Borja Garrastaxu (Gaztelueta Junior), I igo Arti ano (Urdaneta Cadet), Alberto Martin (Director of Campus), Gonzalo Gutierrez (Vitoria), Imanol (Padura 1st National), David Luque (Padura 1st National). Down.From left to right: Gorka Sastre, Jon Nicholas, William (The Virtus Araberri Cadet 3 Lig Basque), Sergio Iglesias (Unamuno Junior), Matias (Padura). Alberto Lecue correcting mechanical shot. Lecue lecturing to group 2. Gonzalo Gutierrez, shooting mechanics.

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