Infantile Literature

Therefore, I make it mention to look at and not to recognize themselves in the heading, therefore nor always we reflect what we are or we want to be, what we see or want to see, what the others see of us: but it reflects. on this question of identity and belonging or negation of the two, the mirror if makes emptiness, without consequence, image? How to disclose the child, afro-descendant, its image, its identity black? To make it if to look at and if to see reflected not in a mirror empty, but full of images that give what to speak, that they send to the beautiful history, to some narratives, rich, colorful, blacks, you pray, tribal African? ‘ ‘ People, today brought a book of which taste very, and I want to read for vocs! ‘ ‘ thus I started to make the reading of the book pretty Girl of ribbon bow, of Ana Maria Axe, and each page that I advanced in the reading had a pupil that it was convulsed or if moved, that ahead demonstrated its unpleasantness of such choice of the reading. In one determined moment, already almost of the way for the end of the reading, the pupil spoke, there of its chair: ‘ ‘ Oh teacher, I not taste of this book not! ‘ ‘ Soon it, who loved all the readings that I carried through, that I was discovering the reading in that year, it, representative of the afro-descendants, to come with that one I speak But I did not intimidate myself and I did not make what he asked for to me, I continued to read until the end, exactly seeing to make it faces and mouths..