Injectable Fillers – The Desire For Full Lips

Thin lips are inherited. However, when the age decreases and the subcutaneous connective tissue of the upper lip is weaker, the lips are becoming increasingly narrow. Often the parties decide for lip augmentation. This treatment is a very commonly requested cosmetic surgery. There are several types of lip corrections: either a raising of the upper lip (Lip-called lift), an enlargement or upholstery with a filler material. Possible methods are the strips of skin transplantation, the Lip or the insertion of implants. A Lip-lift brings a more durable result than upholstery, and also removes wrinkles. The surgeon removed the lip-lift one hand, some millimeter-wide strip of skin above the lip and the lip about it and then moves upwards. A Lippenaufpolsterung done by the body’s own material (fat or connective tissue), plastics, or biodegradable substances. The doctor brings the material through small incisions in the lip or with a syringe into the lip. Josyann Abisaab The body’s own fat or tissue hasthe advantage of not being rejected by the body. The fat is first removed from a different region of the body. The durability of treatment with autologous fat depends on the individual disposition, since the injected material is degraded over time by the body. To Lippenaufpolsterung used tissue contrast is not entirely absorbed by the body, but can harden under certain circumstances. This is avoided by the use of tissue treated chemically, for example with hyaluronic acid or collagen. Common plastics are used for a Lippenaufpolsterung threads of silicone rubber or Gore-Tex implants. Even the introduction of many small plastic particles, such as Plexiglas, is possible. These materials are not degraded by the body, the dumping of foreign substances may cause foreign body reactions in the connective tissue. Thus, for example, can form knots. A lip augmentation using biodegradable materials without running against long-term consequences, however, lasts only a few months.