Jonah Lomu MNZM

Jonah Lomu MNZM Jonah Tali Lomu (born 12 May 1975 in Auckland, New Zealand) is a New Zealand rugby player. Between 1994 and 2002 participated in 63 games with the All Blacks, with emphasis on the Rugby World Cup 1995 and Rugby World Cup 1999. Play in the wing position. It is considered the first global superstar of rugby, with its incredible capacity (100 m in 10.89 s ) and intimidation that resulted in their rivals, so he had a big impact on games. 3 During 1996 and 1998 his career was interrupted due to health problems, problems that were aggravated in 2003 and had retired from rugby until 2006. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame Rugby on 9 October 2007. has played for several provincial teams in the National Provincial Championship (NPC) and Super 14 competitions, such as the Auckland Blues, Waikato Chiefs, the Wellington Lions, the Wellington Hurricanes and finally after his health problems in the North Harbor.Officially the player with more points in trials in the history of the Rugby World Cup with 15.