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Kb Weblogs their caracter sticasEn this second article, we will review how to manage the main features of our digital diary, this time, appearance, ie how external users (other participants and the general public) view and interact with our bit cora.1. Log in to www.wordpress.com and register in the system (login) 2. Once inside the system administration of our blog will get a screen like the one shown in the imagen.3. There, go to “Presentation” and once inside, will begin in the subsumption Template 0.4. In this section, you can choose one of all the possibilities offered by Word Pres for graphic design-template-default on our blog. How to choose Easy: just select the one that you like, clicking on the image.And with this simple procedure, your blog will have a fully graphical presentation of your choice, you can change it as often unwilling or necesiten.5. Now, customize the navigation links, ie access options within our blog. We refer to links such as: categories of messages, files, recent articles, recent comments, etc.. To this end, in the same section “Template”, now we visit “Bidets the sidebar.” In it, there are options to customize our menu, such as Azimut, Files, Calendar, Categories, Recent Comments, etc., all in small blue boxes for incorporation into the menu of our blog, so you just have to drag them into the great blue rectangle indicates “sidebar.”For best results, we suggest experience of organizing the menu several times, according to the planning and needs of your blog and constantly review the changes that occur when viewing the template (with View site). Do not save the changes bios.6 olive. Now go to customize the general information of our blog. First, you have to go to “Options” and there within the subsumption “General.” Legend appears: General Options. Here we give a title and subtitle (short description) to blog. As shown in the image. We suggest using specific titles to report on the creators of the blog and its destination (eg Enigma Venus, and description: 3 A General Secondary 3, hyacinth, Mechoacan) 7. In the same section “Options” click on “Discussion.”From there, we care very much how to program to introduce moderation of messages / comments received on her blog by Use of bit corasSeguro many colleagues to be teachers when they learned, some weeks ago, the publication educate Uses of blogs. Resources, personal experiences i guidance to teachers, Francesc Balague and Felipe Zayas, felt certain laziness to read the Catalan perspective. That, I confess, was my first thought when I found the blog of Philip the appearance of this book . The second was more practical: as supposed to be almost impossible to find in bookstores in Pamplona, I decided to buy it on the website of the Editorial UOC . I do not speak Catalan or even in private, but not cost me any effort to read This very useful guide.In fact, I picked up the book yesterday afternoon, and by noon today and had read and annotated. The exhibition concept is very clear, the development of the entries follows a systematic order so as effective, and the brevity of most of the paragraphs allows for fluent reading.