Launch Event ICSALUD-MDP

Wayne Badovinus was named chief executive and president of believes its global Associate career and compensation plan is one of the most generous and financially rewarding in the industry Launch Event ICSALUD-MDP Group, signed the Commitment Act On 13 December 2008, in the auditorium “Benjamin Sisterna” Museo del Mar herbal of our city, took place the launch ICSALUD-MDP Group , nutritional consisting of 13 libraries in our city, specializing in health-related disciplines. During the ceremony, Ms. Leticia Lizondo (Centro Medico de Mar del Plata) and Ms. Veronica Saquilan (UNMDP) responsible for the initiative to create weight loss the group gave presentations on the features of herbs the scientific, exponential growth and the various accessibility to online information resources. Then centralized its exposure in the health process supplement of emergence of the Group and electronic products free access, created by the Group for the professional community of liquid health disciplines, in this city and Union Catalog BLOG BOOKS. In addition, the event had the presence of Mag Susana Catalina Iannello PAHO-Argentina , who spoke on ‘The Virtual Health Library 1998-2008: contribution of ICSALUD-MDP to the national Health Sciences’ . Finally, the authorities and librarians from each of the participating entities of the Group, made delivery of the Deed of Commitment ICSALUD-MoF, symbol of pyramid the will of cooperation of each supplements institution in pursuit of enrichment products and development of project work of this group. Attending on behalf of the participating entities, the following authorities: – Centro Medico de Mar del Plata: vitamin Dr. Elena Casal (Chairman), Dr. Alberto Mano (Vice President) Dr. Alberto nutritional supplements Di Gregorio (Scientific Secretary) – UNMDP-Facultad de Psicologia : Mag cristina Belloc (Vice Dean and Secretary of Research and Postgraduate) health supplements .- HIGA-General Hospital Acute Interzonal O. Alende: Dr. Enrique Pianzola (Head of Service Training and Research) – INE-National Institute of Epidemiology: Dr. Guillermo Ricardo Lossa (Director) – Clinica Colon: Dr. Dario Lozzi (Coordinating Committee for Training and Research) – network marketing College District X of Psychologists Lic Sergio Genchi (Chair) – business opportunity District IX Kinesiologists natural Circle: Ms. Patricia Bersa (Vice) – FASTA-University Faculty of Health: Dr. Julia Elbaba (Dean) – Universidad Atlantida Argentina: health products Lic . Paul Santangelo (Secretary of nutrition the race Degree in Psychology) – Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic: Dr. Mario Rodriguez Sammartino (Head of Service), Dr. Louis Patalano and Dr. Marcelo Grecco (DDI-Residents Instructors) .- HPC-Community Private Hospital and Clinic May 25: It came with authorities but sent representatives signed Commitment Act. Access to the materials posted vitamins here on that day: – initial reading, numbers-relevant data Exposure Science Information .- PowerPoint Commitment Act Model