Le Corbusier

The architecture cause perplexity also for the inconsistency of its capacity to generate the happiness becomes that it attractive for us. The houses can inviting in them to use to advantage them with a mood that we do not obtain to evoke. The architecture noblest can to the times make little for us of what a nap to the afternoon or an aspirina (OF BOTTON, 2006:17). The author suggests despite the architecture cause perplexity for the unconsciousness of its capacity to generate the happiness becomes that it attractive for we, beyond transmitting messages moral, instead of dictating laws. Of this form, the architecture invites in them, and it does not command, to follow its example. One in the ways that determined construction it possesss of being convidativa and instigante is in the mixture of elements that assist in the dither of its aesthetic one. In accordance with Szabo (1995), one of the main elements of the project architectural pointed for architects and theoreticians of the architecture it consists of the use of the light.

The author affirms that the paper of the light in the architecture possesss distinctive character and exceeds the higienicista, quantitative question mere, contributing with its intrinsic characteristics and quality in the creation of the space. The author still cites celebrates it phrase of Le Corbusier, who defines the architecture as ' ' wise, correct and magnificent game of the volumes congregated under luz' '. The narrow relation enters the light with the space justifies the importance of the illumination in the history of the architecture. Such relevance is observed in all the rupture moments that the architecture promoted, being the present light always in these marcantes periods. Second Stolen (2005) the light, of subtle form, it appears indirectly as an ethical and aesthetic position in the movements architectural. Trapano and Bastos (2006) affirm in a similar way that the perception of the forms of the architecture is disclosed by the light, that the architecture are capable to sculpture the light.