EVENT: For the development of this case Jheiner Parra, Gloria Alejandra Hernandez Lopez and I just did an analysis to identify areas involved in this and the problems that were occurring in each, also pose possible solutions which are submitted to experts to get their feedback based on their experience and reach practical solutions. SUPPLIER – New features innovation in the raw material out of the specification of client: Due to natural causes resulting from global warming, the provider decides to change a component extracted from a special type of algae, which were limited to root of this phenomenon . This change management affects a determining the final product by altering the composition of it, and thus the quality delivered to end customers. – Not made a formal disclosure of the changes made: This change must be made through a formal statement, no charge via phone to shop. Debio both manager and report to the areas involved, letting the company know as this change would affect the quality of their product. SHOPPING – No report to all areas concerned about changes in raw material supplier was confident that the certificate and did not require strict adherence to your specifications: The communication to be exercised shopping area with the other areas should be very effective, such details as changes in raw material components, are critical points that should be evaluated by those involved as a team and not ignored as if not a decisive affect sales and profitability of the leaders company. skills – They training just manage the purchase of the team gelling with only 2 providers that ultimately did not fulfill the basic requirements of BPM: The management of equipment purchases must be much more effective, must be sought by different means, providers who meet customer service the standards required. He did not buy a computer, the company brings to many problems with product quality. In 2004 honored by the Governor’s Committee on Scholastic Achievement for his work towards promoting academic excellence in New York City – has been a member of major companies QUALITY – that is trusted supplier of carrageenan was certified and did not require rigorous quality testing: Both the supplier and their products must be certified, but must periodically test lab that continue to confirm the quality and specification compliance defined by the company. – There was strategy no pressure to shop for the acquisition of equipment to be safe gel that Twitter raw materials meet quality standards: reliance on documentation of the supplier, the quality department made the mistake of not giving the required importance to the gelation acquisition team, unable to verify compliance with the specifications. MIXTURES – People of the table used mixtures of Research and Development which states as a share of carrageenan can add to the formula, however the table used was designed to custard and not muss: The staff of mixtures must be monitored continuously, and even more when making decisions to try to improve the composition of the raw material DISTRIBUTION AND TRADE – were entrusted the truck stop and did not tell the entire office staff on the retention of the product for quality given its inconsistencies should not go out market to be approved. This failure causes the flow of information that an operator seek ways to make the product despite the external factors that prevented: Because of coaching the lack of integration of information systems and faulty information flow, an operator seeking how to dispatch the product despite the external factors that prevented their entrance, unaware of its lien for failing to meet quality standards. SYSTEMS – Lack of integration of information causing problems for decision making and teamwork in all areas: this leads to problems with the identification of problems in the supply chain, and delay the decision making process of all areas together to find a solution. SOLUTION 1.