Marketing Relationships – A New Concept

What Is The Relationship Marketing We can say that Foreign Marketing is the same as to say, Network Marketing, Network Marketing, Marketing Person to Person, as you call it call it a great alternative .. To give you a clear idea, it is the process that people associated the system speak to others about a product or service, and bring them directly to the consumer. Thus companies like Citigroup, Prodigy, GTE, Mattel, IBM, Sprint, NCI,,, among others found a way to reach many more people stopping being physically established companies only. The idea is great because this way managed to save on advertising, the distribution chain (Fabrica – Wholesale – Dealer – Retail – Commerce – Client) and the after sales service the entire savings (a huge percentage of the sale price the public) is paid to the person responsible for carrying the goods or services directly to customers. This type of industry was born during the decade of the 30s, for several decades, the industry evolved and appeared in the 50s many companies Multilevel Marketing or Network where the objective was that a dealer may have benefits for personal sales also sales of other distributors, the company filed for him. In its early decades, the industry went through multilevel legal barriers.