Mining and energy

Mining and energy Caletillas thermal power, located in the municipality of Candelaria (Tenerife). Mining Canary has never had much development. The volcanic nature of its crag has greatly limited its mineral potential. Yes there is some activity quarry to provide stone for construction (aggregate extraction). Another activity related to mining is the construction of galleries and wells to tap underground water for consumption. The production of electricity is important, but regional. Canary produces all the electricity it consumes, but consumption is not great because although tourism development has greatly increased demand, it is still low because of low industrial strength. Apart from the airports and tourist areas of high concentration, wells and desalination of sea water are those who demand more power.Most electricity is produced by thermoelectric means, with the company Unelco (belonging to the Endesa Group) owns the bulk of farms. Other energies Coal Power Hydroelectric power has little presence due to irregularities in rainfall. Wind energy, though increasing, is poorly represented, and still well below their potential.