MSN Movies: Film Highlights And Showtimes

Teleschau is responsible for starting now the MSN Movies Munich, 10.12.2009 – Teleschau media service provides from immediate content for the cinema section of the MSN. Since December 2009 the MSN cinema area to find editorial on MSN Entertainment Teleschau managed with its own team. In addition to the classic cinema themed of Teleschau News Agency, a content package specially tailored to MSN is provided for this. In addition to film reviews and movie news, visitors can get interviews and reports on the current film highlights. In addition to the contents of an application has created Teleschau, linked to the representation of the nationwide cinema program with the supplied editorial topics. Basis of cooperation is the cinema module developed by Tele show that the editorial content by linking local cinema data regionalised at and connects with a range of trailer. The project and team management responsibility at Teleschau Elfriede snack.

Alexander Rudolph is editorially responsible on the part of MSN. In our free offer MSN movies we have already seen how big the user interest the subject is cinema. A good reason for us to expand our field of cinema as important and used much of the entertainment by a competent partner. We are glad that we support Teleschau now an attractive offer to launch that retrieve the needs of our users, such as movie reviews or the program data in the cinema spot, covers, so Christian Wenger, acting executive producer at MSN. quote Alexander Buttner (Business Manager marketing/sales): our cinema module shows good editorial content alone no longer suffice, but the market overall concepts are required. With the MSN-cinema area we are content one step further in the direction of customized\”gone. We are pleased that it worked so well and the customer is satisfied. \”Tele show – the media service tele show of the media service GmbH was founded in 1968 and provides over 250 articles in the entertainment field as a news agency each week.