Muscle During Sleep

Who does not dream of: muscle during sleep. In fact, we are building at night during sleep, most muscles. Responsible for this is the growth hormone HgH. The production of growth hormone is currently running at night in full swing. The growth hormone is instrumental in the body composition of muscle mass and fat. Several dietary supplements such as the combination of the amino acids arginine, glutamine and ornithine can also increase the nocturnal secretion of growth hormone. Also too short and intensive workouts is to increase the Auschttung of the muscle building hormone. Anyone who wants to build muscles during sleep, should of course also a regular strength training of approximately three to four times per week to operate, protein-rich diet is balanced, and avoid any form of stress. To achieve maximum impact in terms of muscle building and stimmulieren the widest distribution of the endogenous growth Homo, one should in the late evening onCarbohydrates and sugary foods and feed themselves instead, losing protein and low in fat. But not by muscle, but also the fat loss can benefit from this Verahaltensweise. Because the growth hormone is not only responsible for building muscle, but also for the reduction of body fat. By saving the evening of carbohydrates Krpefettabbau can be further accelerated because the carbohydrates consumed in the evening is usually no more than energy used by the body and then the fat will be stored in the form of depot fat. So who is planning a relaxing evening after working hours on the couch, should avoid high-carbohydrate foods like bread, potatoes or pasta to the late hour, rather, because these are generally no longer be used as energy. Who has the goal of fat reduction should instead prefer to rely on steamed vegetables or salad, in combination with lean meat or low-fat fish.