My father and my cousins in Cambridge

On Thursday morning my father came to Cambridge and my cousins Sandra and school of business Ana Ryanair usually has two flights a day, management school but in low season and reduce it to one in this business case is very late, at midnight. But they managed well by bus and taxi graduate school and reached home perfectly. I wait until they arrived awake and stop to study a school rankings little. Diego was a bit cold and hungry Leo, eating every two hours anyway so I would not sleep much. Between one thing and another we went to distance learning bed at three-peak. On Thursday and Friday I business administration spent almost all day at school in the conference Silicon Valley comes to Cambridge, but I had time to come home for lunch two days. They went for a walk around downtown, see a few colleges and shops, and spend a little fear into English and the English. The hold funds and investments, all managed by The hold funds and investments, all managed by On school of management Friday night my cousins and I went out. They came to pick me up at school and went to dinner at King’s College, which as we told you in another post has a spectacular dining room, Harry Potter type. Then I business school had stayed with Jonas, John, Louis and Rui in the Revolution, one of the sites more “cool” in Cambridge. Not that that management courses night were giving free food and shots and she had a chocolate fountain you could dip into the kebabs of strawberries, banana business schools and sponges. All of the most fashion. Capping the night we went to The Anchor, the official pub of the MBA. On Friday many people will. We talked a business degree while with Peter, Giorgi, Scott, Victor, Kirk, Tim, Ehud, Oliver, Carlo, Dimtry, David, Ganesh, Jenny and not who else. There were many people. Even were the sub-director of the MBA, which fuel the interview made me access. And today we went out together Saturday mid-morning for a ride.