Negroes Music

Witch Doctor. Nation Sack – small bag of coins, which were attached a prostitute under the skirt to get customers ringing coins. Mojo – most likely a derivative word Magic, magic. Magic actions for the love spell or curse. Often – a small bag. According to rumors, but when the owner touches him outside, the bag loses its properties. Often used for magical love spell. It could put black cat bones, roots, object, object belonging to the love spell or a coin.

Juju – amulet, fetish object. Also, the same name magic. Mickey Mouse Music – pop, bad commercial music. Lying – playing music with no sense. rock – dance dragging the music.

Roll – work. Often means sex. It may also denote the wave-like motion. Rap – monologue, conversation hip – wise, independent, fashionable, good. race music – a very ethnically-oriented music, that can hardly be properly and correctly interpreted by other race. Often – the same as R & B. Lush – a drunken man, an alcoholic. Kitty – a naive girl. Jail bait (hook Prisons) – a beautiful underage girl. Gully-low – poor style life. Foxy (Fox) – Women's beauty. Fox – an attractive black woman. Dirty Dozens – The competition among the Negroes, in which playing with each other causing injury, with reference to relatives, friends, etc. Who was the first hit the ceiling and can not survive, he lost! Deep Hole (Deep Hole) – Literally – 'deep ass', it is problemmnaya situation. Crepe – Black armband, a symbol of mourning. Also, this patch can tie at the entrance to the house of a woman who wants to show a man that her feelings dead. Break it Down – Drag playing music, sometimes – to explain something. Bisquit Roller – a wife, a girl often – female genital organs. Big Bit – a big prison. Ball Thr Jack – Dance 40s, too – having sex. Ace – a dollar, sometimes – a lover. Deuce – two dollars, or just a pair of something. Let The Goog Times Roll! – Whoop-admiration! Slam, slammer – a prison. You's a mess – 'Well, you're cool', 'Well, you drive', etc. Yas, yas, yas – the word 'ass' over and over again. Salty Dog – a lover and a sex partner. Side Gal – mistress. Rig City, Rigville – city or place with the problem of unemployment. Rain (rain) – Bad times.