Nick Masters

By the way, on one wall in one room it took me two cans of foam. Thought that the foam will come out outside the house, but this has not happened. Seen all of it out there and stayed inside. On another wall, I did not gouge everything – he . Just walked through the wall with a hammer – I was searching for, where is heard, "void" sound. Discovered a cavity in another room on the outside wall. Closed up the same way. 4) Ceiling seams.

A similar pattern appeared, and the ceiling. It all started when I removed the old wallpaper to pokleit new. Under the wallpaper visible were somewhere in the cracks shukaturke. Began to dig, that is, then to close up. And in the process discovered the emptiness (again by the sound) as the side wall and above the window. Had to expand access to voids with a hammer and chisel. Closed up as before – the foam and plaster. 5) void around elektrokorobok and others in the panel plate Utilities are voids and openings for mounting electrical cables.

Around the box where the wires converge, these voids detected easily, because the box itself can be clearly seen. Nearly knocked chisel and all that is needed bounced, opened before my eyes amazing holes and secret passages. These holes, cavities and voids, in my opinion, too, must be good . So I, too, and they closed up – foam where there are no wires and plitonitom – where the wire is (just in case). One cool chamber I found the top near the front door of the room. Found again by the sound. The whole layer plaster, I did not knock. Only a hole to get to the cavity with foam. Later, I decided to check out and the seam between the plates, which converge at an angle of the end room. It turned out that there is a good gap, through which music can be heard of sosoedney room (though in my case it was a room in our same apartment). Closed up its foam and top with plaster. Here are some simple manipulation, which, however, require time. But although there is also some effect. By At least I no longer hear the neighbor below snoring at night, like talking on the phone side, and neighbors as alarm calls from the neighbors above. However, all is not saved from the bass speakers at the side of neighbors and other low-frequency spread on plates. The following are my steps – put the three-compartment plastic box and lay flooring. I think this should be made to strengthen the effect of sound insulation. There are certainly more and recommendations (ie in this article on the construction site "Master of ok!"). For example, it can be mounted ceiling, do soundproofing on the wall. This is what I'm thinking so far. Maybe next time Nick Masters ps Actually there is one more radical, way to improve sound insulation in the apartment. This is by far the most effective way to get rid of unnecessary noise, including low frequency. It's very simple and can be even easier and more enjoyable than all of the above actions. So what is this magic method? – Asks the impatient reader. To which I answer – to change a flat in pre-fabricated house to an apartment in a brick or monolithic, in a quiet and landscaped area, with cultural neighbors, the cultural beautiful city By the way, a real estate agency can be found here – on the building site "Master OK