Novel influenza A (H1N1) and schools

Network of Scientific Medical Societies of Venezuela Commission on Epidemiology information for the entire audience novel influenza A (H1N1) AND SCHOOLS Introduction The occurrence of influenza A (H1N1 ) in various educational institutions of the country has caused justifiable concern among parents and representatives. The actual or potential transmission of novel influenza in the study sites deserves a response from health authorities, clear rules, simple and definite about the action to take before a probable case of the disease and any type of influenza, contributing to calm the student population, teachers and the community at large. In the absence of official documents I regulations in our country about the particular issue, we review the protocols and conduct action taken by countries which have sent a similar situation. Of course, formal recommendations regarding the suspension or educational activities is something that only they matter for health authorities. The following recommendations made by the RSCMV are general and are intended primarily to mitigate the impact of infection on students, their families, the faculty and the community at large. “To suspend or not classes in educational ‘The answer to the above question deserves two approaches: 1. The psychological. Very unlikely that parents send their children to a classroom where a case has occurred. Not suspend protests could produce very strong and more anguish. Josyann Abisaab 2. The epidemiologist. Here is necessary to graduate the response, (a) from an extreme situation of disease as occurred in the Federal District of Mexico had suspended all training activities, from nursery to university for 3 consecutive weeks. (Case of diffuse involvement of the population with an attack rate of 18 per 100,000 population) with high probability of community transmission. (b) location of focal affectation, to areas of a town as happened in neighborhoods northeast of Santiago de Chile, where the suspension was for shorter periods and restricted to the territory concerned (c) Location of affectation local or point that could be the case of Anzoategui and the City’s Miranda left the state, early cases where the suspension of activities can be shorter, and controlling the transmission more effective. The suspension of activities might be confined to a room or several rooms where students have shared activities, sports, materials, schedules, food services, sanitary facilities, etc.. In these cases deprives the criterion of separation of human groups, justified in advanced stages of the pandemic. In practice, using the criterion of suspension of educational activities for salon does not seem appropriate, as students share activities, sports, talk and spaces with other students and teachers from other classrooms and levels. 3. How long educational activities should be suspended ‘The time of suspension of educational activities is not regulated, it is mentioned that is not less than 7 days, based on an estimation of the period of spread of influenza.