Creating a unified mental health resource believe it is possible and seek with the local and regional governments to get it this much needed resource for this community. PROPOSAL FOR CREATION OF NEW RESOURCES FOR PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS 1.JUSTIFICATION: Mental illness is a complex disease characterized by confusion of ideas and feelings with severe disorders of thinking, behavior, ability to recognize the reality and challenges of adapting to normal life. There are many mental illnesses , with varying degrees of severity and social impact, such as neurosis, personality disorders, depression, anorexia, dependency, psychosis … According to the WHO. At present, there are already 400 million people suffering from mental or neurological disorders, of great social impact, psychological and economic. In Spain it is estimated that approximately 2 million suffer from depression, 600,000 people suffer from bipolar disorder and 400,000 people suffer from schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder, serious. Complex and highly disabling belonging to the group of psychoses According to WHO data., Schizophrenia, severe and chronic mental illness affects 52 million people worldwide. Is estimated to affect 1 of the world’s population each year are diagnosed between 15 and 30 new cases per 100,000 population. In the Valencian Community over 40,000 people suffer from mental illness. Currently a high percentage of mentally ill about 84 live with their families. The family therefore assumes the social cost of the disease because they are the parents in most cases they become the main caregivers.The problem with these parents and family is what will happen to his children, when they (senior most) missing and there are hardly any resources for this group The mental health law of the Valencian community involved in setting up community services. Decree 132/96 of 7 July affirms “the chronically ill should be cared for by the Ministry for Social Welfare and Health.” Decree 81/1998 of 4 June and structure define the resources targeted to mental health and psychiatric care. This body of law clearly states that the Department of Health ensure psychiatric care to those patients suffering from water disease, subacute and chronic mental health, remain the responsibility of the Department of social welfare rehabilitation, reintegration and accommodation of mentally ill patients with deficits in social and family support. This implies the need for the Government to promote the creation of an integrated healthcare network comprised of both devices and social care Health services for mental health should be encased in specialized care, coordinated with the level of primary care and social services network. Ente specified objectives: -Develop referral units for specific pathologies. -Complete the outpatient mental health and psychiatric care. – Establish day hospital in Alicante and Valencia -Develop programs for hospital and home care -Develop specific programs to support families and patients -Complete the network of rehabilitation centers -Enhance home care programs.