On-Air Space Game

There is a new online puzzle game that requires logical thinking and implementing some mechanical skills. Imagine yourself traveling through space and trying to manage a sophisticated setup of lines! Does it seem wonderful and the exorbitant time, right? Then stroll through the craters find a mechanism with the antenna up. Your task is to eliminate unnecessary lines of this mechanism without the antenna falls below the threshold white. Construction can vary the contours becoming rare but finally falls for not having a major element that you accidentally deleted it … everything will fall breaking into pieces, and you have to start level again.

How many lines must be removed by completing the levels? In general it is sufficient to remove two lines but it is better not rush, because it is more likely to make a mistake. It is recommended to remove only the top line, and then wait a little until the mechanism stops rotating and balance. You have to pay attention to the purple circles above the screen with the hourglass signals your score – if it turns green, it means that you can click and move on. If you remove too many lines or some lines such as erroneous, the tilt mechanism is tumbling down. In that case, the robot that lets you know about your failure. Conclusion levels of this puzzle game * free, “you can develop your own strategy of action with the lines, but there is a good advice to start with the sidelines at the beginning and avoid touching power lines because the latter are a basis for all the mechanism. Space On-Air offers a fun way to enjoy logic puzzles and mechanical absolutely free. Explore the challenges of the unknown planet solving the tasks in this new puzzle game!