Orchestra Proper

For in such a way in the fulfilment of the task it follows our contribution: CULTURAL DIVERSITY AND the CULTURAL FEELING OF BRASILIDADE Gislenaldo Moreira Axe (Gigi Moreira) To understand the Cultural Diversity, exclusively passes for the study and the understanding of the ethnic and antropolgica formation of the social groups with its ampler mannering differences mainly in the relation of communication between the people and in the fight for the survival and the citizenship of these, although the proven biological unit of each individual. Such behaviors only can be attributed to the species human being in contrast of the animals. The diversity has to mainly have with the variety and convivncia of ideas, what it contributes for the construction and formation of the proper identity of each human group in a territory and one determined period. In thus being we are a Brazilian, maranhense people, that beyond the soccer, like also it carnival and it They are Joo. In the carnival, specifically in the Maranho, for the wealth of ours manifestations with prominence for our Blocks of Traditional Rhythms, existing carnavalesca popular manifestation in the Maranho and with characteristic only specifies how much to the rhythm of its tambores (misfortune) and the harmony of its only musicalidade. In They are Joo, also in the Maranho, the folguedo of the Bumba My Ox, is of a great popular representation for the numerous and different groups of cultural manifestations, with proper characteristics, each one identifying itself for ‘ ‘ sotaques’ ‘ proper, that it is the rhythmic and differentiated style of each group, trick or battalion as is known). In the present time we find ‘ among others; ‘ sotaques’ ‘ of Zabumba, Matraca, Orchestra, Pindar and Costa of hand.

With regard to the proposal of the Overmundo, we saw as ‘ ‘ SEEING THE MUNDO’ ‘ of form also differentiated, oportunizando the access and the cultural valuation in the generality, arguing the differentiated forms of cultural production of the north to the south, the east to the west, the Iapoque to the Chu. We need to know other cultures, other diversities, but before everything knowing ours mainly. We are 27 (twenty and seven) federative units, between these, 01 (one) Federal District, 5,565 cities in all domestic territory. Because not to make a national campaign with the feeling of cultural brasilidade? Still in agreement with the Overmundo proposal, we also need to establish rules in what showing and what to receive as content, to know etc. We need yes, also to know to face and to contest the communication vehicles that much feed the cultural consumerism. So Lus, 08 of February of 2011. For more information see Sohn Conference.