For example if channel and the encoding used are oral language through face to face communication then the success of the message depends largely on the way in which the facial expression of the transmitter, the tone of his voice, etc. is handled and to her you can see these largely depend on the psychological state of the issuer. If you want to reach a group of individuals the need to undertake a task immediately since the destiny of the company depends on the realization of this task and transmits it to the receiver in a tone of voice and with a facial or body expression that does not show the urgency and the gravity of the matter then the receiver can deduce that the word immediate means a time longer than you tried to convey. Francisco Marin on this topic, does not indicate that participatory forms of management and transparency in communication make believe and develop organizations and their members in a favourable working climate, within the overall framework of relations with the main goal the objectives of the Organization (company, institution, or Corporation) with effectiveness. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sela Ward has to say. The concept of effectiveness of achievements must be seen from the point of view of plans or projects of the Organization and the scope and quality of the results (products, goods or services of the users or recipients of such actions). However, the role of management is not necessarily restricted to the technical and economic. The organization can be viewed similarly to a system of Government that, between its management activities, has such important tasks as they are recognize, represent and articulate the different forces involved in. Function management of an organization, understood as a living space where strategy decisions, are allocating resources, face crisis and managed human resources, must be seen as priority agreements or consensus to respect the rights of its members and fulfill the social responsibility of the entity in its context. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Vanessa Marcil.