Other Animations

In addition to the series and movies created other animations. Two episodes of longer duration that were transmitted along with the series, but outside the normal numbering of the episodes, unlike the movies these extensive history of the series. The first, called Dragon Ball Z: Tatto Hitori no saish ‘KESSEN’ Where Freeza or zetta Senshi Son Gok ‘no Chichi “was broadcast on October 17 1990 and not based on the manga deals with the final battle of Bardock , Gok’s father ‘, the second Zetsub called’ Hank and no ‘! Nokosareta ch’senshi – Gohan to Trunks, was broadcast on February 24 1993 and is based on a manga gaiden, tells the story of Trunks future before this trip to the past .
A two-episode OVA titled Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku went on sale August 6, 1993, this was created as a visual guide to video games and NES Playdia the same name. This OVA, unlike the rest of the anime was produced by Bandai, but maintains many elements of this, as seiya ‘original.
Two ads that functioned as a public service where Gok ‘taught children about road safety and fire. They left in 1988 and were entitled Gok ‘no K’ts’ Anzen (”””’,’ Gok ‘no K’ts’ Anzen”) and Gok’ no Sh’b’-tai (” ‘ ” ‘,’ Gok ‘Sh’b’ non-tai”). 28
On September 21 2008 will premiere a special animation for the Jump Anime Tour called Ossu! Kaette ‘to nakamatachi! (”””””””””’, ‘Ossu! Kaette ‘ to nakamatachi!”Ossu! Son Gok back ‘and his friends), this was announced on April 21 was announced in the journal Sh’nen Jump.