Parenting and More

At another point not care about the sleepless nights, the conversation with the friends, work until late at night, go to the movies to the theater or dinner when you determine, and of course, we went from being a couple to be a family. Men and women report substantial changes in their lives, then why not! The land of the couple becomes the now we are three … however, it is necessary to clarify that when we turn only on the needs of the infant, we become excellent parents or mothers, and we forget the relationship itself and sometimes, in countless stories, relationships with ourselves as well. The birth of a child means and represents an important and significant event in our lives, but does not cover all our lives, we, father and mother, we are individual beings with different needs, we wish to make, shape, and encryption as well as that parenthood means, from my point of view, be available, emotionally, physically and spiritually, for those children who have decided to have. If we do not have the appropriate channels partner communication about these changes, will probably conflict here and there.

Of course, I think the mother is busy elsewhere and emotionally if the couple does not understand, there will be a series of conflicts that the other may live as neglect, lack of interest or whatever. After childbirth women requires developing various conflicts such as detachment, being to availability, when nursing, it was decided as a form of food. Sometimes the man, with its conflicts and problems are not resolved, then consider that it is important that your partner do not have the same kindness and affection, of course not the constellation of partners has become a family affair . In addition, each child born presents a characteristic is more shrill, the other is more gentle, what not, so that the personal characteristics of children, pose different challenges and different, just different. Let us be aware of our roles as mothers and mothers, but not neglect our relationship as a couple, but especially not forget, the relationship with ourselves …

The new member is in my life, man or woman, because I decided, and I am delighted and frustrated by this, we need to assume our condition, but I have decided, that son or daughter, to appear in my life I have to assume … This is a call to awareness … yes I choose to be a partner and have children, my role is behavior towards not only as partners but as the parent who needs to be … Thanks for reading my mission is the quality of emotional life. Cecreto, has electronic material for you, about couples, parents and children and human relations.