It wants to be able to place inside of the conscience of each one, what it is to live and what it is to be dead. It wants to be able to make the people to live deeply a so ODD moment of living the day the day without as much manipulation of parties that does not have necessities to live itself better. It wants to be able to pass what I feel seeing the people if dislocating from its apostates now to go to travel, according to its thoughts ‘ ‘ Santa’ week; ‘ it is a moment of airspace of stresses day to day, therefore they had transformed into holidays and nobody works, closes the commerce, all amalgam in function of hallucination amusement, where what it predominates it is the drunkenness and all the types of vices that to the ending of Astana we only feel the increase of pain and the desperation for as many innumerable tragedies. I want to be able to lower a decree, where he clarified that Passover is, a moment of our day the day, therefore we live this ticket of one day for the other, with a night in the way all, the days, and that our Master never wanted that we separated as ‘ ‘ those days especial’ ‘ , because every day they are special to live being born of new, together with the SUN, that in them illuminates in all the mornings, without no resentment, no hurt and mainly without revenge.

Is this true Passover that we would have to live every day, being born of new. I want, to be able to make the people to understand that its moments of leisure live, I have fun myself, more they dedicate the virtue and they forget the vices to it. We go congregating in them to commemorate the day of that they had abdicated the vice, the revenge, the hatred, the violence and thus we could proclaim a homage to who truily in them it left as many examples and it is our more sublime model of LOVE and resignation, all the apegos for this world of as many temptations caused for as much, that do not obtain to leave the darkness, or only want to rescue pain not to accept the beings so mpios that still they look e, lost do not want to be destruirem alone. I want, to be able to live deeply a Passover every day, making of the words said for ours loved Master: ‘ ‘ You make this in memory of mim’ ‘. I ask? where it is the memory OF It?