Patron Saint Festivities

The more walking through the forest, firewood is located. Russian proverb. In Nicaragua, as well as in other countries of Central America, Latin America, each town celebrates its Patron Saint or patron. These parties can expand from one to three weeks and include processions of Saints, rodeos, equestrian parades, Fireworks, etc. The truth, that in the month of January, specifically during the days between 17 to 27 celebrate Las Fiestas Patronales de San Sebastian 2010, Diriamba, city that is located in the Department of Carazo, 41 kilometers to the South of the capital, in a very privileged area, pleasant weather, a little cold, where its very friendly peoplewith beautiful beaches and from luegocon excellent coffee plantations. It is well-known as the birthplace of male mouse or El Gueguense Diriamba. The feast of San Sebastian is a beautiful tradition that has lasted through the centuries and that the inhabitants of Diriamba they want their children and future generations to retain it.

The connection is known, El Gueguense is the first character of the Nicaraguan literature. The play represents folklore of Nicaragua and has been declared by the UNESCO Oral Heritage and intangible of humanity. The play was written in Spanish and nahuatl dialect by an author anonymous of the century XVII it says that these festivals are unique in Nicaragua and are above any celebration of the country. Thereon is said about it, that it is very appreciated and celebrated by Nicaraguans, who express their more authentic connections with their Spanish and indigenous roots. Many of the dances, songs and customs are true traditions dating back hundreds of years when the first Spaniards arrived in Nicaragua. The holidays are not a nostalgia Act, but if the integration of pre-Columbian rituals with Catholicism and its history is as fascinating as their colours, customs and music.