Personal life, family

Personal life, family and early studies only Son of Juan Negr n Cabrera, canary successful businessman, very good trade relationship with Europe, and Dolores Lopez Marrero, a native of San Mateo. His family was very conservative and Catholic beliefs very sincere. His brother was Claretian priest and his sister took her vows laymen. His mother would end up settling in Lourdes after the war . Negrin studied the first letters in his hometown in the private school “La Soledad” and got the highest grades in high school at the age of 14. In 1906 his father sent him to Germany to study medicine. Began career at fifteen years, first at the University of Kiel (1907) and then in Leipzig (1908), linking to their already famous Institute of Physiology and the prestigious figure of Ewald Hering.On 21 August 1912, at age twenty, he obtained his Ph.D. with a thesis on “Zur Frage nach der Genese der Piq re-glycosuria.” In addition to a print shop in the next two years several Physiology research on German magazines, some with their teacher ET von Br cke, worked as an assistant cash at the same university. With the mobilization of his superiors during the First World War, teachers assumed new responsibilities, although he did not accept the position of “Privat-Dozent” offered to him, preferring to return to Spain. In Germany also extended the career of Chemical almost entirely, and learned English, German and French, translating from French to German L’Anaphylaxie Charles Richet. Shortly thereafter dominated by Italian and Russian, and later come to know ten languages, something unusual.On July 21, 1914 he married Mary Mikhailov Fidelman, daughter of a wealthy Russian family Ekaterinenburg natural, also studying in Leipzig. Of the five who had died marriage two younger girls. Over time, these misfortunes motivate the distancing of marriage and entry into the life of Negrin Dom Feliciano Lopez Paul, one of his assistants, who would become his companion. The surviving sons, John, Romulus and Michael Negrin Fidelman, did not return from exile, during which often used as a second surname Mikhailov .The eldest, John, or “Jr.” (Leipzig, November 1914), was neurosurgeon practicing in New York, was married to actress Rosita D az Gimeno, and represented the brothers in the State claims Spanish for the confiscation of all property of his paternal grandfather settled in 1995. Romulus (Madrid, 8 May 1917) was an aviator during the Civil War, studied engineering in New York and later settled in Jalisco ( Mexico), until his death in 2004, his sons Juan Rom n and Carmen, had from his marriage to Jeanne Fetter U.S. due to the serious illness of the latter were educated for 10 years in Paris by his paternal grandfather, until his death . Negrin’s third son, Michael, still resides in New Jersey, USA.