Picture Ideas By Visualizing Photomontage

As a photo-montage refers to a particular form of collage, which partially or completely made of parts consists of photos or photos. The origins of photomontage go back to the early twenties. The photomontage artist Varvara Stepanova (born 1894 in Kovno, died 1958 in Moscow), from 1920-1921 played a major role, together with Alexander Rodchenko in the theoretical development of constructivism. In the thirties and forties, she was an editor and designer of magazines, including the propaganda magazine ‘USSR on the Rise’. In 1928, she defined a photo montage as the “assembly and a combination of expressive moments of individual photographs. During this period, the thirties, was the technique of photomontage in many countries used almost simultaneously. The aim of this directions were mostly political and agitational nature. Outstanding expert in the field of assembly technology in this period was John Heartfield (born 1891 in Berlin, died in 1988 in East Berlin). By the end of the 20th Century and the technical progress of theImaging was also possible to implement photomontages, which were used in photo-realistic techniques. Meanwhile, the technology is so advanced that virtually any desired composition is achieved. In many areas, the use of photomontage has become indispensable. There are, for example, in advertising, as well as no longer display, which will undergo before they appear in the media, no retouching or photo-montage work. There are infinite possibilities that can be implemented through the photo montage. An undisputed master of the presence in this area is the American diva Kartin Eismann Photoshop that are easily understood in various works describing how the program by Adobe Photoshop, picture ideas can be visualized.